shop the post Am I the only one who has struggled finding the right strapless bra?? I have so many off the shoulder and criss cross tops and dresses which means I need a good bra. I was blessed with a set of size C  boobies {we say boobies in… View Post

Since having long hair (and these extensions have added extra length and weight), I am always on the hunt for the best products and hair styling tools. So, I want to share some hair styling tips that I have found success with especially for this long hair. So, I recently… View Post

Just in case: “Cold shoulder” is a phrase used to express dismissal or the act of disregarding someone (this is exactly what my four kids have done periodically throughout their toddler years and now into their pre, pre-teen years #smh). An exposed arm or shoulder must symbolize the dislike for… View Post