It’s Thanksgiving morning, and you are either cooking, serving others in need, planning out your day with the family, writing your Black Friday shopping list, or just chillin’ watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. I am currently counting my blessings as I cook the sweet potatoe casserole, baked ham and… View Post

Hello weekend!!! Bring on the casual, cozy outfits and fall weather. For me, cozy is a must. It just means soft, warm and comfortable which usually includes a cardigan, sweater or sweatshirt. Well, this black hoodie was perfectly designed to meet all of those requirements. The Reece in Midnight hoodie is a… View Post

Before I share my thoughts on how to style a casual hoodie. Let me just say that I am extremely thankful for every person, every opportunity, and every test that God has allowed to come my way. “And we know [with great confidence] that God [who is deeply concerned about… View Post

Happy Monday y’all !!! Hope that you had a lovely weekend. It was an insanely busy weekend for our family, and now, I’m trying to recoup #napplease. How do you full time working mommas keep up with everything?!? I am so inspired by you all. I’m staring at 5 loads… View Post