Here is a little history about the classic denim jacket: the first was created in 1880 by the denim legend and the Levi’s founder, Levi Strauss. Strauss also designed the first pair of jeans in 1870 for cowboys, railroad engineers, and miners to wear during the gold rush out West.… View Post

Good Morning and Happy Wednesday my darlin’ friends!! I hope that you are having a lovely week. I am currently taking care of my baby boy who has strep throat. He is just so pitiful. Mike and I both responded to the positive strep test with”who gave this to him?”.… View Post

With cool, fall weather right around the corner, who doesn’t love to find a few cute rompers to wear with booties?!! Well, I love me some rompers. I feel that they are perfect transitional pieces that can be paired with heels or wedges on the warmer days and booties on… View Post