Reader Interactions


  1. Roxy says

    This outfit is AMAZING and I loooooove Elise’s story of Faith and Triumph! I’m headed to check out her Etsy shop right now.


  2. Mayra Murillo says

    What a wonderful concept for a t-shirt line. A constant daily reminder of the word of God. I love how you paired it with this fun bright skirt too. Unexpected and perfect!

    • dashingdarlinblog says

      Couldn’t agree with you more!!! I love all of her tees. They promote such encouraging and uplifting messages. I need those God reminders everyday. Thanks so much ?


  3. Logan says

    I love that this company supports such a great cause. Cancer is something that impacts everyone. I have had several close friends and family friends pass away because of this disease and it warms my heart to see people fighting back against it! Thank you for sharing and I love your outfit! That maxi is adorable!

  4. Clare Speer says

    I love this shirt – I need this 24/7 as a reminder of what God wants to do for us! Love the story behind it – thank you for sharing!

  5. Sayantini says

    Wow, you look stunning in this outfit! Loved how you paired the graphic t-shirt with the chic maxi skirt. It creates a magic. That yellow can brighten up any dull day! Loved this post 🙂

  6. Ruthie says

    What a powerful back story!! Our experiences sure do drive us into passion for things that matter and making a difference. How strong is she?! I love how you styled that tee! This skirt is so fun and so you!! Great post!! LOVE YOU!! xo

  7. January Hart says

    I never saw this one and I LOVE it!! What an amazing testimony and God-given mission! SO inspiring that she found her purpose through all of the heartache and pain. Reminds me again just how God’s plans are SO much better than our own!
    By the way, you look GORGEOUS in this outfit!!! Seriously, your beauty always amazes me, friend! Inside and out! Love ya!!

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