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  1. OK so first, this dress is beautiful!! Loveee it with those shoes, makes me want more red in my closet! Second, this–> “God will use every little situation in life to mature us and to cultivate a more beautiful, pure, and selfless heart.” Yes Yes Yes! Love the message in this post. So beautiful!

  2. Omg the struggle is REAL!!! Getting pictures done, planning, juggling kids is NO JOKE!!! You are such a boss and do it so effortlessly!! PS. RED IS YOUR COLOR!!! Love you friend!! XO

  3. You look GORGEOUS in red. Bless your heart for having the patience for a vacation full on non-stopness πŸ™‚ Love the quote about people only being as beautiful as they love, care & share. SO true. Happy Monday, mama!


  4. Vacationing with 4 kids?! Whew! Power to you girlfriend!!!! p.s. – you look AMAZING in this color and dress! No surprise there, but I really think this is your color!

  5. This is SO cute!! I have been really drawn to red dresses this summer too! They look so good with a tan!

    xo Ashley

  6. You look so great in red and I love this dress! It has the right amount of material to create a flowy look. I know how it is trying to take photos when the kids have other plans for you. It’s all about compromise. Loved the post. Xoxo

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