Reader Interactions


  1. Claudette Esterine says

    I know this post is about a very important topic, one that deserves all our attention. As I grandparent, I am concerned for my grandchild coming up in this world where even politicians are bullying the public to get their way. Anyhow, question that I must ask – are vertical stripes out of style? It seems so hard to find tops like that these days.

  2. Tanisha Andersen says

    It meant so much that you took time to speak on this subject! Being bullied isn’t much fun. Praise I have Jesus, and I know he loves me or I would really let the bulling get the best of me! Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. Also, the stripes always look great on you! Love the look!

  3. Erin Vazquez says

    I think that it is a really sad thing that we live in a world that can punish us for being our true selves. Especially during the oh so important years of being a child, it’s amazing to me that society wants to drain us of our curiosity and creativity. Bullies are very often afraid of anything that is different and haven’t been taught effective coping mechanisms for that fear. I hope this is something that changes and I appreciate that you’re opening up a dialog about it.