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  1. Heather says

    Angelle! What a great post and message about fear and how to face it! You are right – if we are guided in all things by Him, we have no reason to fear, but only to rise up!!! What a great reminder and encouragement… and that is so funny because I have been pondering this topic lately :), so thank you! As for this look – absolutely gorgeous my friend! Love the print and how you styled it with denim and those lace up heels! You are stunning always girlie!

  2. Alison says

    Love this message, it’s really what I needed to read today! Thank you for that 🙂 And you look beautiful in that dress!

  3. Shannon says

    Such a great post! Fear is so real and sometimes hard to ignore, but I’m a strong believer in that nothing will change or become better if you don’t face your fears! That being said, good for your for staying so calm in that situation. I can’t imagine how you must have felt. Anyways, you look gorgeous in this dress and I am loving the blue and yellow color combo!

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  4. Stephanie says

    I am loving all of this right now! Those shoes are amazing and the denim jacket is so practical, I love it cinched around the waist of this dress. Enjoy the rest of your week! xo, Stephanie

  5. Jaime says

    OMG, the UPS guy?!!! Haha! That’s amazing!! Yes, danger and fear are real things and I absolutely loved that you shared this experience. You look great! Love that top so much!!!! xo

  6. KP says

    I love the colors of this dress. I’m really digging floral lately – which I never thought I would say. The strappy sandals look really great with this dress as well 🙂 LOVE

  7. Nicole Leffew says

    This is so scary/ funny! What a cutie! I love how you turned it into a positive message though. You always look so amazing in everything you wear! Love it xoxo

  8. Ashley says

    Such a cute look! I am in love with that dress! Can’t believe it’s under $25!

    xo Ashley

  9. Ruthie says

    Oh man, that would’ve scared the crap out of me for sure!!! Glad it was just UPS! You look amazing in this dress babe! I am loving the shoot location as well!! XOXO

  10. Kristen says

    My heart sunk to my gut reading this! I’m so glad it was nothing but the UPS! Man oh man. PS Your dress is SO cute! You look darling!

  11. Tamara says

    I have the top version of this dress and I get so many compliments on it! Aren’t the colors and print so gorgeous?! I really like the dress version too, I might have to go buy it!


    Tamara –

  12. Dani CC says

    Face Everything And Rise… Seems to be what you did. Thanks for sharing, you look stunning! Your shades are really FUN.

  13. Christine Kong says

    Wow that a scary moment and glimpse into what could have been. I love that your post is so real and the message within the outfit post. I love this print and am obsessed with that distressed denim jacket. I’ve been looking for a good denim jacket for a while.
    Christine |

  14. Jessica Sheppard says

    This is such a great post!!! Not only do you look faaaaabulous, but your thoughts on fear are killer (no pun intended with the gun scare 🙂 Thanks for sharing!