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  1. Alexandria says

    The dress is absolutely adorable! I’m also loving your ombre hair. I’ve been contemplating trying it out myself… I just don’t know if I could pull it off! Beautiful post.

  2. Shannon says

    That dress and the colors are so gorgeous! I am loving the shoes you paired with it as well. And that juice bar! So gorgeous, it doesn’t even look like a store at all. What a cool place.

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  3. Krista Dial says

    LOVE the dress and shoes. It’s truly the perfect summer combo! And the colors are scrumptious…I wear a lot of cool colors, so I’m definitely checking out more about this dress online…

  4. janna doan says

    angelle–you look amazing babe!!! i mean that dress looks gorgeous on you, i love how you incorporated those grey tones with the lace up heels and that suede bag. perfect for summer and at such a good length too! girl you know i’m about that juice life so that’s awesome that y’all attended that event, i also see some acai samples too! i love eating clean and healthy, it just makes me feel better and happier! (though my wallet cries!!) lol. thanks for sharing and i can’t wait to see and hear about the KS event!! you are doing some great things Angelle. love you.

    janna |

  5. Ruthie says

    Oh my gosh!!! First off you look amazing in that dress! I need to borrow those shoes too!! Whats your sizw again?!?!!? LOL and I LOVE that space!! I def need to visit!! xo

  6. Sunshine says

    Russ Manock on Couldn’t agree with you more. I too have not watched baseball since 1994. used to have 12th row seasons at the Sk8#2me&dyo30;….now I would be hard pressed to name 4 players.

  7. Loren says

    That looks delicious. I'm glad your family is close and gets to spend some time together. Guess what? I'm making the black bean burritos this wekd!ne!e!! I'll let you know how they turned out…..