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  1. Emily says

    That sounds like so much fun!!! What a sweet family you have. All you girls are lovely!
    I took the love language test recently, and I believe mine is gifts:). The thought that goes into that- like when my husband brings home a coke with song lyrics on it he’d know I’d love… that just means so much to me:).
    And love that dress- it’s so flattering on you!

  2. Lauren says

    Girl, It sounds like such a fun outing. I LOVE that book about love languages it is so essential to maintaining healthy and positive relationships. I saw this dress on their website and seeing it on you makes me want even more! Gorgeous & love the photography!!
    xx, Lauren {}

  3. madison says

    So the first few pictures I was thinking, “What a cute dress!” But then I kept scrolling and saw the length and now I’m obsessed! It looks amazing on you!


  4. Jen says

    Aw this post made me so happy! I’m all about the 5 love languages – mine are words of affirmation and gifts! My husband’s is quality time and it’s so wonderful to communicate and act on these things in our marriage! 🙂 And can we talk about this dress? You look STUNNING!

    Jen |

  5. Ruthie says

    This post made me smile!!! What a beautiful family. Y’all are seriously perfect!! This dress was made for you and that tiny waist!!! #GOALS. Love youuu

  6. Heather says

    Angelle!! I am in love with this post in every way! From the tidbits about family, The 5 Love Languages (YAAASSS! Such a great read… mine is words of affirmation, lol – I need me some compliments, lol), to photos of your BEAUTIFUL family and their significant others, to – just as importantly – your AMAZING outfit! Girl, I am swooning over that dress, and that necklace?!? I need that in my life!!! Well, as you can tell, I am a bit enthusiastic about this post, he he, but seriously – you are gorgeous inside and out! Keep shining gf!