Reader Interactions


  1. Neha says

    I love this dress omg! I hope it’s available here in Dubai lol. The tulle on this dress is so pretty. Also, I love you blog, great work xx

  2. Karen says

    The dress looks lovely! I wonder if the same dress will look good on me. Black dresses are my go-to for special events too. There are instances when I wanted to wear a black dress but I would think it looks too ~formal~ or something. ?

  3. Kimberly @ Berly's Kitchen says

    Love this dress! It gives a different look to the “little black dress” with its fun skirt.

  4. Ruthie says

    Angelle, I LOVE these pictures SO much and I love this outfit even more…. that skirt and top were made for you!!! Merry Christmas weekend to you!!! XO

  5. Jessica Sheppard says

    Glamourous! In love with this little back dress, that tulle adds so much, stunning in those heels with those killer calves! You are one gorgeous mamma! Love every single shot-so fun! Have a blessed Christmas!

  6. Jnellie says

    I love the whole outfit! That tulle made the dress really chic and elegant. Love love love it so much! ? Wishin you a joyful Christmas! ?