Reader Interactions


  1. Kat says

    Oh I love it! I would so be in a poncho everyday in winter if I lived somewhere it was cold. It’s like walking outside in a cozy blanket, only socially acceptable 😉

  2. Hanna Smith says

    Im in love with ponchos lately too! I just bought two in one day! haha This one is great and I love how you paired it with the beanie and boots!

  3. Ruthie Ridley says

    Aww babe I am SO glad you got away with the hubs!!!It looked GLORIOUS and that outfit is the BOMB! Love the beanie and that poncho… you look like a model!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ashley says

    Girl, I am with you! I am so poncho and beanie obsessed this winter! You look so cute and cozy!

    xo Ashley