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  1. Wendy A Dunn says

    Just beautiful! So inspirational. I am going to use it for redoing my home office. I have a couple of questions. What did you use for the wall color? Does the couch work for being able to type at the desk? I love the look. I can’t find an office chair I like. I love this idea.

    • Angelle Marix says

      HEY WENDY,
      Thanks so much!!
      I used antique white paint from Walmart. This couch works perfect with the desk. The height of it allows me to easily work on my laptop. I usually put a pillow behind my back since I can’t slide easily the desk closer. Hope that helps!!


    • Angelle Marix says

      So, the gold cacti were a gift from a friend. I can’t remember where she purchased them from. It’s been a few years ago.