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  1. Tamsra Byrnes says

    Thanks for all your in put on your Extensions in contacts , I will be call Lacey For consultation and questions thank you, stay sweet beautiful lady ♥️

      • Angelle Marix says

        Hey!! I honestly do not take a break from the hand tied extensions. My hair has continued to grow and stay healthy. My stylist does take her extensions out for a couple of months a couple times a year.

  2. Amy Petrungaro says

    I started using tape in extensions about a year ago and I really like them. But, my salon just started doing the hand tied. Due to my hair being super thin, I have to have many of my tape in extensions moved up every 3 weeks or I have trouble keeping them covered. I feel that the in put out with the adhesive is getting hard in my hair.

    I am scheduled to get the hand tied. I am thinking they will give a larger portion of my hair a break unlike the tape in which seem to be covering a large portion of my hair.

    BUT, everything I am reading says they are not good for thin hair. I would love to hear your thoughts. I use my extensions mostly for volume. I love the extra length I get from extensions but my main focus is volume.

    • Angelle Marix says

      Yes, I did have tape-ins too. But, I do love the hand tied way better.
      I also love them for the thickness/volume. You will love them!!

  3. Carolyn Lyons says

    I have the extensions I have a problem with them getting super tangled every 20 mins or so with me just cooking no major activity’s. Do you or anyone else have this problem? I have 4 rows in so I am curious if I just have way to much hair in.

    • Angelle Marix says

      I only have two rows and don’t have that issue. When I had three, I did have that issue.
      I would suggest getting only two.
      Hope that helps.


    • TaMara says

      Yesss!!!! I had the same problem with the tangles!! even just sitting in the car. I would get out to huge rats nest. I also had 4-5 rows. My hair is naturally thick but I wanted the length.

      • Angelle Marix says

        I only have two rows and didn’t keep the hair really long. I wanted it more natural looking. So, I think that is why I don’t have any issues with tangling.

  4. Lisa says

    I have two rows and am having that issue as well. I am wondering if maybe the wefts are not all put in the same direction and causing it to tangle? I had 3 rows in the past with a different stylist without tangling.

  5. Missy says

    Hi. I just got hand tied wefts. Can you show how you are putting your hair in a messy bun? I’m having some issues getting used to mine.

  6. Emily R Nelson says

    Hi! Thank you for your review!

    Do you still have the extensions by habit?? Would you still recommend after long term use?