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  1. This post is perfect timing! Shawn and I are headed to AZ next week and I have been frantically shopping for a new suit! LOVE these, lady! XO

    Anna ||

  2. I LOVE your hats and suits and pretty much everything about this. One pieces are so great.

    @trendyinindy ||

  3. Girl! You look fabulous in these pictures! After having 3 kiddos, I can relate. There are so many cute 1 piece and higher waisted two-pieces out right now. Love that chic black polka dot suit!
    Happy Weekend!

  4. These are just so cute!! I love that black suit – it’s so flattering! These pictures are so fun and I love your beach bag too!

  5. YOU GUYS ARE GOALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looking like total SUPER MODELS!! Angelle, I want ALL OF YOUR SUITS!! I cant even handle this. NEXT LEVEL!!! XOXOXO

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