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  1. cara says

    I love that cardigan, it looks so cozy! Also the quote about not letting others control your thoughts/emotions is on point! Gorgeous look! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Ruthie says

    You look FLAWLESS Angelle!!! I love this entire look so much!! I have heard so many good things about this hair product as well!!! I need it for my girls!! XO

  3. Jenny says

    Loving the cardigan, it looks so comfy! Sorry to hear about your sister, that must have been very difficult for you. That’s great that you have such a positive and healthy mindset about dealing with tough situations though! ??

  4. Cait Weingartner says

    This is such a beautiful, versatile cardigan. I love how you’ve styled it with the distressed jeans for a casual look, and I can also see how it could be paired with dress slacks for a business look or a night out on the town.

  5. Jessica Sheppard says

    I love everything about this post! Stunning in these neutrals, love this cardi! The shorter, tapered length in the front is perfect! Inspired by your heart and the huge impact your life and story are making! You are absolutely on of my faves! ?

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