Reader Interactions


  1. Ruthie says

    My heart breaks for what is happening down there. They are in our prayers. This look is killer Angelle and these images are so crisp and perfect…. can I have your legs!?!?!? Love you mama!! Still praying in our coffee date XO

  2. Amy Scott says

    How cute are rompers?! I adore them! This one looks fab on you. Very classy print too, versatile enough for day or night. The long sleeves are a winner too because they’ll be good in AC but still light enough to not melt outside 🙂

  3. Courtney says

    It is so sad to see the devastation in Baton Rouge, I will definitely be praying for the city and all of the people effected. You look gorgeous, the green snake print is the perfect pattern for fall!

    La Belle Sirene

  4. Samantha says

    You look absolutely gorgeous girl!! I love how you styled this with two different shoes. I honestly don’t know which is my fav!
    XX-Samantha |

  5. Lauren says

    Love this romper! I am sometimes iffy on snakeskin, but this is a definite win for me!! And absolutely yes to sizing up in rompers to get more length-I’ll regularly order a large even though I wear small tops!


  6. Heather says

    Such a beautiful post, and my thoughts and prayers continue to be with those affected… I am happy you and your family are safe!!! As for this look, I am LOVING this reptile print romper GF!!! Perfect fall piece, and I love how you styled it with those sexaayyyy heels!!! Bring on the cooler temps! <3

  7. Gail says

    My prayers go out to the people in Louisiana. You look beautiful in this romper. Love it with the boots and sandals! Xx

  8. Amber says

    My baby sister was born in New Orleans. I remember the first flood that we experienced, she slept through the entire event. For days the city’s water levels drained, and for weeks carpets were seen sitting torn up, outside of peoples homes. A flood is a terrible thing to have to experience. Thoughts for all your friends!

    Beautiful outfit, and I love the romper with the booties!

  9. Ivana J says

    Great style inspiration, Love this romper, it is just perfect, lovely print, and really goes with both shoes you picked xoxo

  10. Nicole says

    So glad to hear you’re safe. My heart breaks for everything going on in Louisiana right now 🙁 On a happier note though, that romper is amazing on you!

  11. Jessica Sheppard says

    You are absolutely stunning! Such a unique romper…loving everything about it. It’s devastating to hear about such heartbreak in your area…I totally get “you don’t feel it until it effects you” from our recent Dallas police officer shootings. It becomes real when it’s in your own backyard. Praying for y’all as you minister even in the simple and seemingly small ways…I know it’s making a BIG impact! xo