Reader Interactions


  1. Ruthie says

    You look amazing Angelle!!! I love the white on white!! Stunning!! And gosh, prayer is the only way. I went with 3 and lost my mind!!! Nevermind four!!! Love you friend!! XO

  2. Anca says

    Loved this post! Your kids are beautiful and they look like they will be just fine! Love the white on white! you look fabulous xo

  3. Gail says

    Your kids are so precious! I totally understand about how your kids will try your patience even though you love them to death. Haha. I love that top. You look absolutely gorgeous in white. Really loving this outfit! Xoxo

  4. Chelsea says

    Hey sweetie!!! I love following you on IG. I think white on white is so timeless; it will ALWAYS look fab! You’re so gorgeous.

  5. Ashley says

    I couldn’t agree more! Nothing more chic than white on white! I love that tassel top!

    xo Ashley

  6. Caitlyn says

    Oh my gosh, your sunglasses are so freaking cute!! Wearing all white is beautiful but so scary to me! You are so brave to try it and you totally pull it off. And your children are so adorable and funny too, you guys are a beautiful family.

  7. Jasmine Berry says

    Lovely family! And yes I love praying, I don’t have children yet but I know motherhood is something I’m very excited about. And honey you had 4 kids? I can’t tell, you look amazing!!!

  8. Mayra says

    You have such a lovely family I love the little kid in blue not wanting to smile for the camera while everyone else was being silly lol you seem like an awesome mom I hope they have a wonderful first day of school <3

  9. Rachel Lynn says

    This tassel top is so darling! I love the pop of color with the white. I also can’t believe summer is just about over! It seemed like just yesterday that it began!