Reader Interactions


  1. Ruthie says

    Omg I love this post!!!? First of all you look stunning, also I need those products ? Lastly you and Jess!! Omg LOVE!!!!!

  2. April says

    I love your outfit! I am not so young myself either so I am always looking for ways to keep my skin looking fresh and young. This is so helpful!

  3. Lauren says

    Obsessed with your sweater!! I definitely have started to notice how my frowning or knitting my brow in concentration is ALREADY starting to take its toll in my mid-twenties, so I definitely need to be careful and proactive about how I’m aging my face!


  4. Meaghan says

    You’re always so gorgeous! Love this color on you and the way you styled everything. These products sound heavenly! I love the packaging too. Hope you’re enjoying the holiday season.

    Meaghan xx

  5. Tiffani at Breton Bay says

    I am SUPER CRAZY about my skincare…being 38, you definitely notice things you didn’t notice before…and don’t get me started on the brown spots from malasma (darn kids, hahahaha…JK!!). I am definitely going to try this mask bc I deal w hormonal breakouts on my chin all. the. time. :-(. Loving your grey skirt too!!


  6. Kalee says

    I love your outfit, and I never would have thought you were in your 30s! You look amazing! I guess those products really do work!!

  7. Cara says

    You and Jessica are both beautiful gals and have such kind souls! So awesome that you all were able to connect through blogging!

  8. Hillary says

    Not that 38 is old, but I NEVER would’ve guessed that’s how old you are! You look amazing, lady! I hope in 5 years I look that amazing too! I’ve recently been noticing a lot more wrinkles lately and I’m so not happy about it. I even told my mom that I wasn’t aging well…LOL I’ve been actively looking for products to help with it, lately, so I definitely need to try these! Thanks for the info!


  9. Jessica Sheppard says

    I desperately need to get started on these products! Your skin is flawless, I was admiring it at lunch last week! Loved our fun time together and meeting you IRL! These pics bring back such fun memories…you are killin’ it in this cozy sweater and leather skirt. You definitely don’t look your age! Beautiful inside and out!