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  1. Jessica Sheppard says

    Girl…you are goals! Love keeping up with you…such a glam, lovely look. Obsessed with those soft tones, that bag is the perfect addition. Fabulous words of wisdom to live by! Killin it, friend!

  2. Ruthie says

    Angelle, your blog is SUCH a breath of fresh air!! I love all these images and the analogy with your son. You are such a great mama and HUGE example to us women in this world. LOVE YOU!!!

  3. Stephanie says

    Well first off, this is SO my kind of Valentine’s Day (or any day) outfit! I absolutely adore that blush trench. So beautiful! Secondly, can we just get a round of applause going for your kid?! Seriously inspirational. His faith in his progress is fantastic. Definitely a little dude I could learn a thing or two from!

    Stephanie //

  4. Lorena says

    hele leuke nail-art!ik ga ze sowieso namaken, alleen heb ik helaas niet zulke lange nagels, waardoor het minder gaat staan denk ik..tip ; ik vind een hello kitty nail-art leuk, of patnrrpeint, en dan echt met nagellak, niet met stickers .je kan echt goed nagels lakken! :)xx

  5. Quiana says

    Deadlift is a full body exercise. You should be feeling it on your abs, chest, shoulders, upper and lower back as well. Try bending your knees more in the beginning but not past your hips, then push with your heel and thrust your hips forward as you go up. Yo9u0#3&;ll get better results.