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  1. sandra says

    Finding the right pair of jeans is a nightmare if you’re a short person!
    I have to go to a shop where they specifically sell jeans for short people.

  2. Ruthie says

    Such a relevant and honest post!!! I am still on the look out for the perfect pair of jeans! Found my bra and my scent!!! LOL!! LOVE this color on you!!! XOXO

  3. Lindsay says

    I love that you are talking about these simple things that can make a woman’s life so much better! And also, you are rocking that red lipstick!! xoxo, Lindsay

  4. January Hart Rizzo says

    Camel toe!! I die!! Haaaa!!! Reading your post, in my mind, I can hear you saying these things and it makes me love and miss you all at the same time!! You are such an inspiration to me to really live my life in an authentic way! And these shots of you are gorgeous as always!! LOVE that poncho on you!! XO

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