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  1. Molly says

    Wow super impressed at your budgeting, especially with a love of clothes. I definitely need to be more conscious about where the money goes!

  2. Chelsea Annelise says

    I’m so glad you spoke of Dave Ramsey! I just posted about him last week. I have done FPU and I’m living this budget life with you everyday gf! It’s so hard but extremely rewarding when you see progress. Keep up the great work xoxo

  3. Lauren says

    Great post! My husband and I struggle to stick to a budget! It’s really something we need to work on because we are huge over spenders, and money definitely controls us. I like the saying ‘delayed gratification’, it’s not that you won’t get that item but learning to be patient and to prioritize before splurging is a way of thinking I need to assume.

    Lauren |

  4. Jessica Sheppard says

    Oooh, I love this! I believe in staying out of debt. I’m with you on the budget, the only way to have money is to save it. It feels so good to get your favorite treasures on sale…love your blocked cardi, super fabulous. Even better though is that you found it for such an awesome price for the win! Thanks for sharing this amazing post, it’s super cool you BOTH agree on these principles!

  5. Stephanie // A SPARKLE FACTOR says

    GIRL. We are about to start FPU and it is TOUGH! Props to you for sticking to it. WOW, $25 a month for clothing?! How do you do it?! That’s amazing. That’s something I feel like I’m constantly struggling with… it’s hard when it seems like all the other girls spend, like, $4k a month on new clothes. Totally inspired by your post. <3 Thanks so much for sharing.

  6. Lavenda says

    Wow babe! This post is incredibly inspiring! I feel you on the “more money, more spending” cycle. Thanks for an honest in depth look at your system. 🙂

  7. Cinderella says

    I can understand the initial disbelief and detpsicrive argument, but it may have become distinctive through use (we have all seen it used over many years), and if it represents a certain standard being met then it is probably a good thing.

  8. Shirl says

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