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  1. I Love Fresh Pet! have four dogs and four cats so I can’t buy it all the time, but when I do I mainly buy it for my dogs. It smells like bologna to me which I love! LOL. But I have noticed a difference in my dogs energy levels and bathroom habits when on this food.

  2. Giving your pets the right food is so important. My husband and I are considering getting a dog again, so I will have to keep Fresh Pet in mind when we do.

  3. Awww your dogs are gorgeous! I’m so glad you found food that they both love and agrees with them! Your dog bowls are awesome, too!

  4. Fresh Pet has amazing food for dogs! I always think it’s important to keep our dogs as healthy as we can!

  5. Your pups are sososo cute!!! It’s so sad that there’s so much bad food out there for our little fur friends, but it just makes it more important that we find the good stuff!

  6. I am loving the photos first of all. And I wish my dog wasn’t the pickiest dog. He only likes to eat a certain brand/kind of food. We’ve tried switching his food but he refuses to eat lol. Talk about diva.

  7. Your pups are the cutest. We don’t have pets, but this would be something I’d try.

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