Reader Interactions


  1. Krysten says

    I love that dress. I think I like it the most because it’s not like every other spring dress, it’s dark. I like wearing dark colors!

  2. Jessica Sheppard says

    Peeling back the layers! That’s perfect…I saw an onion, while reading your post, lots of layers. Your open heart and vulnerability draws people to you. It’s so refreshing and disarming. Back to your cuteness…obsessed with that black floral, so stunning and right in the pocket to dress up or down. Loving those wedges with it! You are one fabulous lady with beautiful style! Love you, friend!

  3. Kimberly @ Berly's Kitchen says

    Layers for Spring is the way to go. Love the black dress with the floral print. It makes the colors really pop. Very pretty!

  4. Ruthie says

    “You share and you listen. Its about passions, dreams, struggles, interest, silly moments and life stories. Enjoying each other. This is what emotional connection looks like to me.” This is why we would be besties!! I could not agree more! And you know I love this dress because we are twinsies!!! Love you my sister… also you look AMAZING