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  1. roxy says

    This is such a fun mini-tour of San Francisco! I love all the spots you’ve highlighted. Can’t wait to get back there for another visit.

  2. lydia says

    Booking a trip to San Francisco right now! So many amazing places it sounds like and all so pretty! Thanks for sharing girl, I love these kind of blog posts!

    xo, Lydia

  3. Ruthie Ridley says

    GAHHH! I loved following your stories for this trip!! LITERALLY EPIC!!! So unforgettable for your sweet girl! You are the best mama!!

  4. Samantha says

    So jealous that you got to see the Museum of Ice Cream!!! I have seen some amazing pictures of it! Beautiful picture of the Golden Gate Bridge!

  5. Ciera Chang says

    I loved staying st the Westin when I was in SF! The museum of ice cream looked so fun. Definitely bookmarking this for my next time up north!

  6. Hannah says

    I want to go to the Ice Cream Museum so bad!! I need to plan a trip to San Fran soon!! Also love your outfit for exploring:) So cute and spring!

    xoxo, Hannah

  7. Kristina says

    I actually stayed at that hotel when I went to SF with the hubby on a birthday/work trip- it was in the perfect location for sure. Such a fun and unique city!

    xo, Kristina

  8. Jocelyn Nielson says

    I love visiting San Francisco and this post just made me want to go visit sooner. Thanks for the mini-tour!

  9. Dominique says

    I loved my trip to San Fran! The city is so beautiful and has such a fun energy! Thanks for this thorough guide! Love your cute little outfit too!

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