Reader Interactions


  1. Nicole Leffew says

    Ok your husband is right you do look amazing!! And I love outfit! I need more embroided tops. My husband honestly keeps me motivated we go to the gym together. I try to drink a lot of water and walk my dog a lot. A few years ago I let myself get out of hand and I gained like 30lbs and ever since I lost it I just also try to do something productive at least 2-3x a week. Cardio in the am, weights at night. That’s my motivation 🙂

  2. January Hart says

    I don’t know which is more beautiful…your insides or your outsides!! I’m just going to call it a tie!! XO

    I started my fitness ‘journey’ about 5 years ago and it’s just become a lifestyle now that I’ve come to love and NEED in my life. What’s that saying?? ‘The only workout you’ll regret is the one that didn’t happen’. That’s pretty much where I am now. Took me a while to get there though! You are looking AMAZING!! Stay the course, my beautiful friend! So wish we lived a tiny bit closer so we could be workout buddies!! xo

  3. Stephani says

    Way to go on staying on top of your fitness this week! I think you look great and I love that quote about fitness being like marriage! So great and true! I need to get back into the gym I’ve been majorly slacking! Annnd I love that top and those earrings so colorful and pretty for summer!


  4. Ruthie says

    Love this top and your picks!!!! Ugh. I am with you Angelle. We are not getting any younger!!! I’m on a journey too. We WILL reach our goals. But girl. You look AMAZING. I’m not even kidding!!!!!

  5. Donna says

    I agree the hubs is right! You look awesome gorgeous but I get it sometimes we all have to do things for ourselves! Love love these embroidered tops and love how you paired it with a pair of tassel earrings <3 Enjoy your weekend!
    XX, Donna

  6. Lauren says

    I’ve just been getting back into a fitness routine the last couple of weeks after skipping out on strength training while training for a 10K (after running 4 days a week I couldn’t bring myself to do anything on off days). I feel you on being sore! You’re looking fabulous and I love this top, especially paired with the tassel earrings!!