Reader Interactions


  1. Raina says

    Christ movies and Christmas Pjs are definitely two of my favourite traditions! And this recipe looks amazing!

  2. Rachel Catherine says

    This looks so good! I bet everyone loves this recipe at Christmas. It sounds so festive.

  3. polly says

    You are all gorgeous! The pictures are precious and the recipe looks delicious!! Thank you! Merry Christmas! ?❤️

  4. Maryal says

    Oh my goodness the pics in your Jammies are too cute! You guys look so festive and happy! I love that your pups made it in the pics, too! Happy holidays!

  5. danielle says

    Bring on all the Christmas holiday fun! You guys sure do pack it all in. Looking forward to building these traditions as my kids get older.



  6. Stephanie says

    Your family is the absolute cutest ever. I love these happy photos of you all together! I also love your traditions. And man, I miss Christmas crack. It’s been years since I’ve had it. I need to make some this year. Thanks for reminding me!

  7. Courtney Andrews says

    What a fun list of traditions! My favorite traditions are ice skating, going to see all the houses decorated with lights, and baking cookies for Santa!