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  1. You look so beautiful here! I love all your positive messages here too! I need to start telling myself some of these! Thank you so much for sharing. xo, Nataly

  2. You are amazing and thank you for such a positive message! I’n obsessed with that maxi dress and you look just stunning!


  3. I LOVE this message!!! ““You are altogether BEAUTIFUL my darling. There is NO FLAW in you.”-SOS 4:7. Beauty is not dictated by your size or the shape of your body. Just because someone is beautiful doesn’t mean that you and I aren’t!!!” This is why you are my soul SISTER!!! Both looks are SHOW STOPPERS!!! I NEED!! XO

  4. Your pictures are captivating. Serious goals!! I’m partial to the boho blouse as I’m a jeans and pretty top kind of girl, but both looks are really pretty.
    Katey // Two Peas In A Blog

  5. I just recently did a post about loving my body and I love seeing all the posts everyone else has been posting recently about the same topic too! You look amazing in both of these looks! I’m definitely going to need that maxi!

  6. Just when I didn’t think I could love you and your blog any more, then you go and warm my heart and inspire me with your fabulous self!

    xo, Sara

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